a poem about purity

i only write this poem
because she asked me to
and when she reads it
she is knowing the purity of her heart

i only love her because
that is all i can do
in the same way that an acorn
can only grow into a beautiful tree

today i was asked about the true nature of kisses
those strange and wonderful moments
and the answer didn’t come in words
simply a slow and tender kiss


do i wonder where my path will lead?
do i wish so much to be with someone?
who can follow me and i follow her
i haven’t even taken a small step, yet

every moment comes crashing down
like waves, like sand dunes
like petals floating in the calm breeze
and still i miss them

my sculpture is not made of stone
it’s purely caresses and warm kisses
what is there really
better than that to create?


i only wrote this poem
because as my fingers move over the keyboard
words appear and disappear
as if they are translucent and glowing

We can all find peace
our dreams and sighs are a mystery
the source of our purity
a secret waiting to be unlocked

there are many things under the stars
more than can be imagined
and they are all connected
with a truth that has no words