a question

i have been sitting here, surrounded by dusty artifacts
for uncountable hundreds of years
(perhaps uncountable thousands, i forget…)
i have a vague memory from long ago, when the question was “is there truth?”
but i abandoned it, like so many other variations, without making any real progress
to inevitably return to the original question which occupies me now, “what is the truth?”

for a brief moment i felt the stirrings of progress:
if the truth of reality is outside of reality
then does this mean that reality has no truth in itself?
what is a truth that is separate from the thing it describes?

at this point the insect bit me
to stir me out of questions about questions with no end in sight
so now i have stopped, and brushed it away
and will soon return with clarified certainty to the question with a fresh mind and clear thoughts
(when will it return, to remind me again – i am certain it will, that much I have achieved)

i stick with this simple question, “what is the truth?”
because no other questions have shown such resilience
in the face of unforgiving odds
so with the combined knowledge of a universe of civilisations
— sadly many are no longer with us —
and whilst i have reasonable health,
i feel that there is no more worthy path to follow

hence i decided, albeit with no perfect evidence but much good experience on my side,
that all the other possible questions (infinite in number) were just derivatives of this root
so like dying leaves i could see them all fall to the ground and become earth

i am not alone with this question
its companion doubt is with me too
(something moves in the shadows, is there someone there? i could do with some company…
no. it’s ok, i prefer to be left alone with my thoughts)
what is doubt? — i ask this flippantly, there is only one question after all —
doubt is the feeling that a single question, a single thought,
might spawn another question, another thought
and on and on and on
doubt is the feeling that the recursion might never end
(logic tells me that not-ending is the definition of recursion, but since I have never reached the end, i can only doubt the validity of this)
— needless to say, i doubted the validity of logic so long ago that i forget exactly when it was.
needless to say again,
I have not yet recovered from it —
aside, that is no reason to stop.

there is a ticking sound coming from the next room
he does not stop his work, no matter what time it is
(such persistence inspires me)
i could leave at any time but for now i will stay
just a short while longer