below the surface

The medium is not the message, and the message is not the idea, so when the traces of art are fragments, and words hopelessly describe a theme, this struggle should not be mistaken for a crisis in idea, because the idea is barely touched by message and media. The idea is whole even though the message might be tangental. How to deal with with this invisibility? Belief and trust are stones, designed to be dissected and yet they remain whole.

If we were really determined to find the void, the emptiness (where hope and desire dissolve), then we would not be making art about it, and certainly not commenting on it. By being involved in art we are simply avoiding any real contact. Art is an excuse, a lie, perhaps trying to be altruistic, but really only struggling to contain thoughts. I thought about hope, all i do now is catalogue. what an existence! It is like a tidal wave that never breaks, just constantly on the point of overwhelming, the wave is suspended above, about to come crashing down but it never does. That is what it feels like.

…and so, this is where we have got to. Neither travelling nor arriving, this is where we find ourselves, now. There are many questions concerning our past and future, but they are not our questions (it is usually other people’s questions…) so their possible answers should not worry us. I might conclude that there are absolutely no questions that concern me right now, in the sense that you might consider a question answered only when that answer doesn’t in itself raise further questions, doubts, tangents requiring clarification… and I cannot think of any questions that would produce an end. Very few questions result in a simple yes or no, non-trivial questions never result in trivial answers, their depths are always equal, never reducing. There may be, superficially, questions that we might call ‘fundamental’, but there are no fundamental answers. Believing this to be itself true or false is like saying the question is it’s own answer: it all boils down to belief. and in the final analysis, our beliefs are only valid when all our words and pictures have become redundant, dissolved in to the mist.

I had a wish, when faced with all the ideas and partial images, that explaining all this work might be a question not of whether it is complete or fully formed, but that it might be simply about creating tools, and that when the time is right these tools can be brought together, to create something new, something different from what the tools are, but made of them, in the same way a craftsman moulds his tools so that they might form shapes in the spirit of the tool, and these new things are greater than the sum of the tools used to create them. But recently I find myself returning to thinking just about the tools, in a way that almost means i have given up on the possibility of ever using them, just trying to find joy in making the tools. My father was an engineer, a tool maker… there is a link here, unformed…  inspiration comes from the grasping steps towards a work, not in the work as an object. The idea is more fluid before it is made real, the representation is most always just a residue of the source idea; in this sense it can only be made visible, expressed, in ways which are incomplete, otherwise the idea is solidified, inanimate.

…this idea is made up of 2 questions: what is our true nature, and can it be described?
















The particles exposed in art have nothing to do with science – don’t confuse similarity in method or result with intention. The truths that science and art seek are different; one seeks to describe truth, the other tries to show truth is beyond description. Art has nothing to do with religion either; religion is a system of enforced control, what happens when people are given pre-packaged beliefs but are fooled into thinking that these are their own beliefs. The beliefs that religion and art seek are different; one seeks to impose belief, the other tries to show that belief is empty. Just see things for what they are: how complexity arises from simplicity, and returns again, show what is happening below the surface of horror and suffering.