dream sleep

i believe in Angels
so don’t assume that these words
describe today or any other day
they are just words

I never really had any dreams or aspirations
of doing anything in any way
or of achieving anything as a thing

my dad gave me a huge shiny marble
a ball bearing from huge machines
and within a couple of days
I lost it in a game of marbles

I wonder where it is now 43 years later
I wonder what stories it’s been part of
if someone will discover it again

I remember the movements of your legs
in the half-light sleeping eyes closed
warmth and tenderness, wanting to be close

I remember my hand resting on your breast
and your hand resting upon mine
I felt your heart beat as we fell asleep

in and out of sleep
floating in warmth
waking up to lips and eyes
so beautiful loving smiling

my eyelids close
my soul sighs

we can help life