love flows through our bodies like molten hands
on her skin curves flow in invisible warm lines
i breathe in silky colours of perfume and kisses
she touches with velvet senses, eyes closed
as she wraps herself around me
her whole body is a blissful smile sweeter than honey

it isn’t sleep that swallows us
like a bird swooping down to catch prey just below the swelling water
instead we are engulfed in a closeness so tight being inside each other is almost not enough
rolling with waves of passion and calm
feeling that we won’t ever really wake up from our lovely dream,
it will bless us because we made it with love

looking at people walk past me
they seem to be moving in slow motion, they don’t seem real
(which reminds me of how I feel when I unbutton you)
my hands are very cold in the rain but it doesn’t bother me,
my core is still lost in your warm magnetic embraces
glowing coals of closeness touched in our sleepy depths

i often cry because it seems so overwhelming,
that i can be so swept up by such love and passion
as if nature has so suddenly accepted me into her forest
and all our faults and dreams and desires
none of which i can explain, despite writing words in the early hours
where do these tears come from? perhaps they are simply condensation,
soul droplets on a window, slowly forming as if from nothing

perhaps it’s simply our turn,
in amongst all these billions of years in which we find ourselves, now
to enjoy the simple wish we’ve been nurturing in ourselves
that one day we’ll be like a firework, a cocktail in flames
which even when we are gone leaves traces of happy memories that will last forever,
and give hope to all that doubt that such a thing could even be possible.