each gesture is like a particle in a stream, its identity is absorbed into the composite nature of the stream but in this absorption, uniqueness is not lost. our consciousness flows at the level of individual gestures and this seems unique to us, these gestures are our own and no one elses, but beyond our perception all our little actions seem to become unified in the mist of the whole, our environment. are they lost forever? perhaps even every minute glance or slight movement wraps up into a web of cause and effect, and so because of this, even our most slight gestures in truth have the potential to be the one that might either bring unity to this web or bring the whole structure crashing down.

every line has meaning. a fragment of a line, curving beyond what was sampled from a source photograph, moves into a region that is neither real nor not-real. the gesture of drawing a line on a piece of paper is to experience the continuous tension of the unknown collapsing into certainty.