we are the vessel

i don’t draw lines without any reason
and that is what I tried to describe to you

the fundamental relationship between loneliness and longing and art
searching and reaching for Plato’s Forms

is not really about actually finding them
just simply trying to communicate that when we look for purity

we are really only looking for love
(or really just the shared experience of exploring)

love is not a thing, it can’t be made in a factory
it’s the sharing of special moments

it’s creating such moments, as if out of nothing
emptiness is the source and we are the vessel

(so very easily
we didn’t care about anything apart from the beautiful joy of creating lovely funny moments)

i will find art when it is needed
i trust my soul to say when

I don’t worry about not finding it again
its always there under the skin

hidden protected jewel
and given away to friends who will keep it warm

even when the artifacts are lost or decay
because it’s always always about the moment

beautiful curves
a whole world of memories in a single droplet