molecules glisten in jewel-like symbols
photographs of tiny moments uncover images of abstract beauty
frozen only by an inert lens
a secret history pieced together
a wish / belief in the evolution of symbols into forms into life
and back again
a constant cycling through structures of increasing complexity and subtlety
simple mechanisms whose hearts are unknowable
which join together and give physicality to life
[in which, life is also the reason for this growth,
in circular forms without perceivable limit]
images returning to a formless state
[never quite getting there]
existing in a special region between ‘nothing-at-all’ and ‘some thing’
the smallest measurement possible region: an expression of wonder
the strange joins between two atoms
that allow them to bond
as if the massively complex cells that they will eventually help form
are naturally implied, inevitable
in the simplest join between a carbon and oxygen atom
the consequential certainty of systems that support consciousness

particles bond in natural ways according to rules
whose truth explains the truth of the particles
in other words, the bonds between particles is not a separate truth from the truth of the particles
they are defined as much by how they relate to other particles as what they are in themselves
it is perhaps impossible to differentiate between what the particle is, and what it’s possible connections to other particles is
the particles come before the bonds
the bonds define the particles
at every moment, some relationships form
as if following a predetermined plan
but how can we say that all these possibilities
are destined to form structures with function, with purpose?
is it not strange, that nature finds a way in which to be natural?
is this because of something else, outside of nature?
how could that be, that there is a nature outside of nature?
if such a thing could exist, it would be always chasing after it’s own tail
as we do when looking for the source of emergent properties
stop! before it gets too late!

we might only find calm and there is no truth worth speaking of
there is just the particle and the relation, inseparable
and all the combinations take care of themselves, intrinsically, without any help
there is a connection between one moment and the next
at the very least, there is a perceived linearity, an order
of one moment followed by another
even though individual moments don’t make sense
(without an ability to see all moments simultaneously, and all their dependancies made clear)
we can see that there is a connection
between our inability to capture and remember every single moment
and the idea that what we are, physically
is a collection of particles, molecules
that have found ways in which to bond
to create structures
and that this has happened naturally
(and is therefore inevitable)
over billions of years

all we see is a bleached out reality
dried residues, a small collection of wavelengths
moments that pass with huge significance, in the time it takes to blink
we can design telescopes that see light 13.6 billion light years away
long ago, when life was a distant hope and resolution for all the souls that could not find peace
almost an abstract certainty
and now because i’m writing this, an absolute certainty
i can say with conviction, i am alive
also i will certainly die
and in the meantime,
moments unhide themselves
it seems quite natural to ask
what exactly, is this all about?

Material simply appears – it is created.
Fred Hoyle, 1952

what we have is moments, some of which we capture
and each moment has been billions of years in the making
what we cannot see, we identify using symbols
as if reality is simply a collection of symbols
an equation
perhaps this is true
life is an equation which dynamically makes itself more complex
in sympathy with growing and decaying forms
almost certainly, this is not the truth
it is a series without end
and each moment, rather than vanish (as if it had never happened, out of sight)
is retained in a photograph

within each memory is also the anti-
inverse / shadow / anti-matter
reflecting rotating around each other, the real and the anti-real
(which is which?)
… and sometimes their roles are reversed, one is hiding…
(and where is their centre?)
anti- and anti-anti entangled
in order to make things whole
entwined, embracing, locked together but separate
agents and reagents
catalysts and catalysed
growth and decay


molecule grid

what is abstract space? it is not normal space, consequently our transforms are not equivalent
there is no perspective, solidity, size or depth
how then can we express or manipulate abstractions when all we have as tools are the ones which transform physicality or materiality?
if we think of abstract space as pure information (with no carriers or media)
rotation and reflection are emergent properties of mathematical symmetries in this space
blur signifies a loss of catalyst, a loss of dependancy, a loss of relation
abstract elements retain their integrity
so because we are perceiving abstract space from the point of view of the non-abstract
we should not interpret the blurring as signifying a loss of clarity
an abstract relationship between elements which have complete integrity
is expressed as a function of blur
which we should not confuse with doubt
there is no doubt in the abstract
there is only certainty

and when we look at the details
they seem familiar, possible, but we cannot see exactly how they fit into the whole
they are not simply enlargements, they are different
they seem to contain more than the whole

when we are thinking of the soul
(from an unexplainable distance)
reduce and return

in other words:
the universe of possibilities in which we exist expands at an almost infinite rate
whilst if something akin to what we might call a soul exists
then there would only be one
for each of us,
something identifiable in a world which is fundamentally unexplainable

molecules i

from ideas to action
ideas to forms
forms represented as geometrical patterns
colliding compositing compacting collapsing

and in some way
(but with no slight of hand, no tricks)
suddenly there exists the concept of solidness
expressed in a beautiful combination of ways
air droplets metal earth water fire

and it all of a sudden
seems a long long way away

but already, see how the lines are forming into a box
a cell
(a cell)
and even before its boundaries are complete
it’s already sub-dividing
and patterns are forming that even now, so soon,
could never be unravelled

emptiness can be reached by logic
but only directly experienced by a few minds who
in places off the maps, have turned logic into reality

there are stories 2000 years old of a great being who had once been human
but who then realised that if we examine the mechanisms of thought
the movement from one to another
then we will find within ourselves that our humanity is nothing more than a fragile shell

there is a need to understand how it all works


molecules project on Behance
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