our lives are like flowers
they start with buds
tiny compact forms
and without any control

it’s always true that in this growing
we are also growing old
and the flower will curl up and die

but it’s not so simple as that
its not so linear

the dying is a certainty
we are in our tiny ways
part of what they call entropy
which is to say,
we are not dying,
we’re just part of how things bigger than us work

we might not be able to stop time
but we have lots of power when it comes to enjoying moments
little things that we just do

a hand warming under shirt
quick kisses and smiles
all these little things add up to something wonderful
beyond comprehension

the heart does a good job of keeping us alive
(how so many beats in a lifetime!)

when the heart skips a beat
we feel that moment
where it all happens
when we suspend time
(oh! i’m going to forget you Time, you can dance your own beat!)

I’m going to love my own time,
with respect for holy laws
but really just loving that which can’t be contained in a law

I’m going to enjoy the silence
(those moments when words aren’t needed)
this feeling that might be mistaken for chaos or love

(and Love, this Mystery keeps on interrupting our conversations, such a tricky character)

but to me just seems simply
like nature