it is very quiet
a stillness that is only possible when all around are sleeping
the night allows lights to unhide themselves
some are close, others are very far away
there is just this, perhaps there is nothing more
beyond things that are visible
and things that are hidden

particles {2} cat-particles

particles {2} cat-particles
digital c-type print, 76.2 x 76.2 cm

is it possible to identify the particles that might be used to reconstruct reality
(our reality, which would be undoubtedly, a reality within a reality – but nonetheless, abstract relative to abstract is what, exactly?)
and so, all these particles are composited, layer upon layer…
until at some point there appears something greater than the sum of the parts
the difference being: there is something unexplainable that unhides itself
it can only be perceived as a ‘difference’
a gap, a boundary condition
its truth is for other people to know
(i am happy to know that it exists)

simple things should only require simple tools
since it would not be simple if it contained echoes of complexity
in repairing the damage of using machines
in repetition, in manual tasks
truth lies in as much algorithms and frequencies
as in mind
when you consider exactly how far we are away from a molecule,
[example: you are sitting a table. on the table in front of you, in a small area roughly indicated by a dot, there is a molecule. describe that molecule.]
it should come as no surprise that when we look out into space
we see spaces of emptiness so huge that it takes light billions of years to pass through them
and yet we have also discovered that at this distance, we would find other collections of stars and planets, from a view point unexplainable
we would see these collections of billions of stars and planets
as if each one were simply a particle of pollen in the breeze

particles {2} idea

particles {2} idea
digital c-type print, 76.2 x 76.2 cm

is this not the truth?
we see these things with our own eyes, through telescopes orbiting the earth
we see the emptiness and scale in numbers
beyond our minds to comprehend without mathematical symbols and words
our languages allow us to see the impossible
as if we were instead contained in forms
that wrap around our particles
and connect to all things

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