plant life

2014-12-26 - 13-37-07

by reducing things to form
we might show how there is no permanence,
there is only emergence and return
form is both structure and principle
if form is separated from what we see
it would leave us empty (lacking)
form is idea, without idea there is no form
so don’t separate form from substance
everything we see is growth and decay
nothing is static
in all cases there is an intuition of what is visible
and what is not visible
what is constant we might call form
shape and substance are momentary
and therefore abstractions based on shape or substance are also
temporary signifiers, symbols
form is like a template
a blank template
it also dissolves
the forming idea
of something that is perhaps outside of growth and decay
resist the temptation to think of unhidden form
as having any kind of permanence

plant life
growing towards sunlight
day by day, slowly
without thinking
from dot to line to form