Queen Olha’s Dream

further than the eye can see
for as long as can be remembered
and more than can be imagined
all lands were barren and lifeless

since that unspoken day when the earth was ravaged by her wicked dream
Queen Olha has sat alone in her tower
plotting in strange symbols and equations
the lives of her precious subjects, sole remains of humanity

in this one building life comes and passes
a quarry of lost hope and hopeless means
in each breath the past becomes the future
and only silence fills each present moment

some have grown to doubt if all of life
and all their work within is meaningless
nothing is real but instead another one of her dreams
perhaps even She is a dream within a dream

some brave souls have been sent out in search
of any other settlements or survivors
and even perhaps for a king worthy of her company
but none have returned so they all remain, pawns in her mysterious game


hundreds of years float by as if in a dream
Queen Olha remained in a beautiful spell
which protected her from the passing of time

generations rise and fall, almost like a breath
then one day a bird flew into her room
and placed a petal upon her pillow

is freedom an impossible dream?
when we close our eyes do we see love and open spaces?
we only seek protection and warmth

she opened her eyes
in a dusty room where dust settles gently
and grey shadows wrap around

where is this room in which she dreams?
where is this tower that touches clouds?
where is this land, which absorbs our footsteps?


green and blue
land and sky
a warm sea breeze kisses her cheeks

they left the tower when the land healed
soon they scattered like seeds
war would come again, as it always does

perhaps knowing (or not knowing)
the power of her dreams,
Queen Olha closes her eyes

and smiles


did you think that this story would have an ending?
how can it be, that things never end?
no beginning, no ending

life wrapped up in a dream outside of time
perhaps her dream is a circle
which contains all of life