snow is pure like love
but it’s frozen when it reaches us

our warmth is impure
but our love is from a warm place

purity exists
but it’s an emptiness

our feelings are real
and the stars shine brightly


thank you for showing me
how lovely it is,
to aspire
to being like an angel

I can only guess that actually,
it’s you that’s the angel
and my simple mission
is only to help you understand
this simple truth

and in the process
I fall in love, a peaceful falling
a misty dream of strange floating symbols
and smiles and green eyes
touched with vibrant aquamarine


Like the moon
Come out from behind the clouds


Happiness is an embrace
Happiness is a smile from a stranger
Happiness is a nice tune playing in a shop
“if I saw you on the street,
would I have you in my dreams tonight?”

Happiness is being awake at night
and writing about the heart
and all the uncountable moments
that flow with us

Happiness is a soft toy, a teddy bear
(and a panda and a tiger)
inanimate things for some, perhaps
to me they are guardian angels
like flowers, and toes in socks

Happiness is about closeness
Happiness is sharing warmth
Happiness is having strength

even when I feel I’m falling apart
I will always believe in happiness


ooohhhh, yes, it is overwhelming
is my heart in my mind?

they say that love’s home is the heart
but i feel it everywhere
every nerve is feeling it
from finger tips to all
bones in my spine

melting when you kiss my neck
like i’m being dissolved in a magical diffuser
which turns our souls and wishes
into tiny particles of love

perhaps it’s left to artists
to absorb all the horror of the world
so that can we show people
that life is fleeting and fragile
and a most precious jewel


deep in a warm cellar
many steps below
where it’s quiet enough to hear dust settle
lit only by particles that form from emptiness

I carefully put the last moment
into a small vessel
whose antiquity predates this room
and most probably the universe

i would like to describe this vessel for you
it’s simple and scarred
it embraces form

it will keep the moment safe
for eternity, however long that might be

my friend the clock maker would know
but he has been quiet for a long time
and i don’t want to disturb him whilst he works

i gently put the jar on a shelf
next to all the others

the light dims…
yes, it is time to go
i slowly wish all the moments peace
and they fall asleep
knowing that i will never forget them


don’t doubt my love for you
don’t doubt who i love
don’t doubt love
don’t doubt

accept moments of unconditional love
accept moments of love
accept moments

love can’t be made, bought nor sold
it just happens
because it’s in the air
and even if we just catch it briefly
breathe in, breathe in

i love curves because they have no end
finger tips forever
palm trees in the sun


if we only see light
how can we help people in darkness

to see inside
to see where there is no light