still life

perhaps in the stillness of an image we can see something approaching a single moment

each moment is the present moment, in suspension

outside of time

it seems we are trying to find new means of expression, new media, as if this is where we will find a better truth

is there a singe truth or many? in which case, the idea of truth is torn apart

the stillness of an image that describes constant flux is something that no video or interactive installation can achieve, because movement and change are not ‘things’ to be experienced. describing change in something that changes is not to describe the fundamental idea of change, it just describes itself and nothing else

‘i am changing’ rather than ‘this is what change is’

like formaldehyde the permanence of photography is more a concept than reality, photographs fade, their molecules decay… the permanence we see is relative [to our life, which is so brief that photographs taken over 100 years ago are still intact]

like fog which hides the future when we stand in front of it and yet slowly (gracefully) uncovers when we move through it

(and perhaps, for every person alive there is a microscopic water droplet in this fog…)

like the sky which is so impossibly still for moments, huge energy restrained in still life

like the view from a train window, the present rushes past, the present is a blur, impossible

(we cannot perceive individual moments, even though we assume them to exist, because otherwise how we got from then to now?)

if all things are inter-related, dependent upon each other, then every moment is as valid as every other moment, every photograph describes the truth. but who are we to decide that one moment is more important than another, when we cannot see all the moments as they cascade…?

everything that we see is like looking through a window

one second

one hour

one million years



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