where words end

love shines where words end

what is a stone?
it carries within it memories
in crystalline maps that trace particles from stars to our bodies
from before life existed

what is a heart?
it beats from when we are born in the womb
and keeps beating, relentlessly, without any reflection
for as long as it can do, as long as it needs to

what is a soul?
it is life and love, but neither of these things
it means something and nothing
a leaf floating on water

and so here we are, there is only one question remaining
we don’t need to answer it, there is no doubt
love is what keeps the stone, heart and soul in balance

we find it in the sleepy night, eyelids close slowly like blossom falling from a tree
we smell it in the warm sheets, wrapping gently around us
we feel it in all the little moments we happilly fall into

a still moment in a forest
so peaceful
so in love