a light inside a flower

do the squirrels wonder why

the ducks like water?

do the birds think

why we walk on the ground?

the flowers don’t question spring

they just have a deep need for sun

so that they can fill themselves with colour

so it should be with us, naturally

all of us carry deep doubts and, sometimes, regrets

always questioning

is this my true life?

is this my true love?

we might go round in circles, for ever

as if life is a simple roulette table

perhaps it is,

hundreds of millions of years have passed, after all

since we were souls inside single cells

floating in the deep sea, drifting with the currents

and here we are now

life for us is short and fragile

so full of wonder

there are deeper feelings than those that you once said were deep

(but then you changed your mind about them anyway)

and floating on the surface seems to me

to be wonderful

we might float to the surface together