components and residues

My work is about creating and transforming structures in order to find a symbolic representation of the world that reaches into the fundamental essence of our lives; perhaps it is possible to create images with the power to bridge theoretical divides in ways in which science, philosophy and psychology alone cannot; images that might help us to understand our true nature and place in this world.

The tension between digital and analogue methods of representation, certainty and chance, the whole and the sample, is a metaphor for questions we face about the nature of reality and life, for it seems that no single expression of ‘truth’ can be found, we have many opposing theories co-existing, all are ‘true’ but only from different points of view.

If a fundamental description of the world exists, perhaps it is an abstract truth, something that cannot be described directly? How can we get closer? If there is any truth to be found, does it have any warmth… perhaps there is only truth in process, and the artifacts we make are like shadows? Is there something that all the equations and definitions cannot uncover alone, something with aesthetic and emotional integrity?

I want to make a minimal form of art that is not cold and negative. I think that what we mean by ‘progress’ is actually negative and harmful, because our progress is based on literal understanding, and articulating things actually is really about turning them into concrete, that the whole point has been to try to destroy the metaphysical in art, by either rejecting it outright or framing it in terms that are so complex and ‘literary’ that the concept of metaphysics simply collapses under the weight of words. Philosophy shouldn’t be written in a language that is purposefully unintelligible, language is not a guessing game. The abstract is boundless, so to think linearly about the history of art is to bring confusion where there should be simplicity. Our desire to understand the abstract is constant, it is our definition, therefore all art is metaphysical. Art is alchemy, a sense of wonder, growth, and potential. It rejects the superficial in order to open up space.