healing forms

2016-06-07 - 17-34-59
I noticed something in my notes

“Love and Desire, uncoiling then rejoining, causing friction, a perpetual machine”

and I looked down and between my fingers was a thin tube of filters for rolling cigarettes

there were only 2 filters left, joined
close next to each other
in the middle of the clear plastic wrapping

i gently pushed them apart
a small gap between them
until the gap was big enough
to allow the tube to be twisted
with the centre exactly between these 2 filter forms

each end of the tube remains open,
both an entrance and exit


but at the middle
there are now 2 forms who have lost contact
cannot physically touch
and who wonder why or how they have reached this separation

was it an external force
of which they have no comprehension?
twisting the tube and forcing them apart

all they know and experience
is that they are revolving in opposite directions
without really understanding why
apart from in fragments
(some big, some small,
all cascading towards you at the same time
like a wave which is bearing down on you,
and you can look aside,

think objectively, but no amount of thinking is going to stop a wave
it’s going to crash on top of you, at some point)

and because of this, the path between them
which was once open
is now blocked by some twisted wrapper
they are joined by virtue of being in the same clear tube
but they are unable to pass through

until the twisting gets so extreme
that they cannot even see each other

as if two people looking at each other through a glass lens
but the lens is getting smaller and smaller

until it is so tiny, no light can squeeze through

and then they turn around
and realise they both have open spaces
at their opposite ends of the tube
perhaps realising that these openings
both lead to other tubes, or to loneliness.

(though, realise that emptiness, loneliness and togetherness are all mixed up, we can feel all these at the same time, without being able to separate them into words)

the tube is twisting even more
until it might snap

hopefully it won’t completely break
it can be unraveled,
(if not completely)

our wills can untwist it,
even slightly is a great thing to do

until the forms are separate

and the tube is gone
and the twisting has stopped

forms can heal themselves
if you know the nature of forms
(beyond love and all our uncertainties and anxieties)
only when healed can they heal other people
and remain touching in ways

that doesn’t require being next to each other
that doesn’t require being caught
in a twisting tube

in this space
which might seem tiny to some
but is a whole impossible landscape