kylie particles

worlds within worlds, never ending, and no truth to be found

particles that we can’t see because they are too small
even smaller than the pinpoints of light that hit us silently and gently on our eye surface
without any care for the horror or beauty they carry

we see these things not as particles but as liquid forms, solidity, vapours
(watching cigarette smoke or make fires intuits a truth about solidity)

it seems obvious that these particles are not fixed and rigid
because everything around us and inside us acts as if it is fluid
constantly changing from one fixed moment to another

the jewels on kylie’s dress extracted: their new freedom separates them, although some bonds are too strong to break

some particles belong together, perhaps one is an echo of another (outside of time). they will always be a part of kylie’s dress, but at the same time they become lonely particles or galaxies.

kylie jewels

particles (kylie jewels) (derivation)


like music fixed points describe a flow
the place is described by the space between points rather than the points themselves
a point on it’s own describes only a flavour of emptiness


it looks the same at all degrees of magnification and viewpoint, and into this point
we would disappear if we could)
all the places we could go and spend some time
if we could turn time like clockwork signs

disco lights
mirror balls

particles detail

particles detail

particle 17 (kylie jewels)

particle 17 (kylie jewels)
digital c-type print, 50 x 50 cm

particle theory k jewel

particle theory k jewel

this space is grey

which leads up into light and downwards into depths

understanding that it is not about making a choice between hope and hopelessness, light and dark
it’s about going deeper into the grey, the end point of all colour

this grey space is where horror and beauty coexist
a place of tension

(it is difficult to un-tense this state, but it must be possible… otherwise, life is just tension and cruelty, a lost cause)

it seems sometimes that the causes and the effects have become dislocated, separated, dysfunctional
we must draw them back together
so that we perceive things naturally

particles (kylie jewels) grid

particles (kylie jewels) grid

particles grid detail

particles grid detail