the elephant vanishes

half described in great detail, and we fill in the rest with a feeling that is our own. the narrators in these stories describe multiple versions of the same events – they openly admit that their memory is fragile, and so our interpretation of what they describe is also fragile, it makes us long for an ending, completing a story that the characters themselves also want to close – that is why they are telling the story.

the idea is that the same thing can be repeated, and each time it leaves us in an incomplete state. this incompleteness is all there is.

words on a page are static – they are the same words, in the same order, no matter how many times you read them. the real story is created pass by pass – from mystery, not knowing what happens next, to familiarity, knowing what happens next but not understanding why. when you know what happens next, you can see what is between the lines, and appreciate why the fact is stated in a certain way. there is still no answer or resolution, but you’re no longer reading in linear sequence. the certainty that was suggested by the beginning turns out to be as uncertain as the end.

the static describes the dynamic by leaving spaces, which we fill with our own thoughts, consistent with the frame in which we are contained.

abstract images should be flat and unframed, and full of empty spaces. they are not works of art, complete and ready to be shipped out, duplicated, essayed. they are incomplete, but their incompleteness is not a question, to be interpreted and analysed. nor should they be questions with no answers, which would make them stupid and pointless things. they are not to be discussed, they are not points of reference, they are not pointing to other ideas beyond ideas, just so they can be hung up for slaughter in words. just let images remain as images, creating words invisibly, just as words remain as words, fragments of stories creating images with no substance.

images create other images, ones that you have not seen before. words cannot describe this new image. words are the destruction and prevention of images. people starving, beaten people, breaking their skulls, torture, rape and murder. these things are happening now.