the image becomes real


if images can show evil then they can also heal and be redemptive. is the image just a carrier, a vessel? the subject becomes the object, the vessel becomes the fluid of suffering contained within. we cannot feel, touch or even properly imagine the horror, but we can see the image and so for us (on the outside) the horror is the image

the image gives the illusion of being real when it is not, it is just particles of light. alchemy is born because if the image is not real, but has a special connection to reality (it was a witness) then perhaps {that which is not real but is image} can become real because of itself. the image becomes real because of will; the will to construct the image or make something visible. the reality that is created by an image – what is that? it is not real but it is not an empty space either. at some point all art, somewhere, must face the paradox of what is real, to look inside oneself, to understand what it is, only then can art describe, dissolve and transform


at some point photography reaches a limit beyond which it cannot describe what is to be seen. the limit is an undefinable region containing definable points; one point (perhaps the only point) within this mist like region is where forms cannot be described by a photograph, but requires direct intervention through painting. the act of transferring will into a blank and empty space, making a direct connection between the world of forms and symbols and the world of our flesh, making truths that show these 2 worlds as being the same world


perhaps the bodies that live within our particles, although they are long dead and lifeless, breathe with us, oxygenate our thoughts. there are atoms of stars in our neurons and graveyards, reaching depths of millions of years. how can it not be that because of this, our thoughts still live in events long forgotten, never recorded and many never witnessed. how can it not make sense, that there is no beginning and consequently no end? we career through life like pinballs